Anal: Down the rabbit hole

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Anal Sex is for everyone, you can be straight, gay, bi or anything in-between. Anal sex for some is a huge part of their sexual experience, for some, it’s reserved for special occasions, for many its a kink fascination that they wish to indulge, for others is considered a taboo of the most malicious intent. Regardless of what anyone else thinks, anal sex to you should be a personal choice.

The anus has a high number of nerve endings making it an erogenous area, we will get into how to unlock the feel-good sensation of anal penetration, how to keep safe and the science behind posterior pleasure. 

One of the biggest questions on novices minds are: “Does shit happen?” – The answer is not necessarily and nowhere near as often as one might imagine, regardless, it is always a good idea to protect the surface you are “gettin down and dirty on”.

A precautionary measure would be pre-anal penetration rituals. Typically using an enema or a douche to clean and flush out the anal cavity will ensure that its all kept clean. It’s important to know when douching to do it over the toilet and keep any liquid excreted away from your genitals, as there have been numerous studies suggesting a relationship between douching and PID / Vaginosis.

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Does it hurt?

At first, you will feel an uncomfortable and unfamiliar sensation but when its “in” all that unfamiliarity and discomfort will fade into pleasure. If you find you can’t get over the pain, you need to be slowing down and loading up on lube. The last thing anyone needs is a tear (which is not easy to do), this can easily be prevented by adequate lubrication. 

The pleasure had from anal sex in many cases is unparalleled. I think we are all agreed that orgasms start in the mind, with many women able to orgasm just from fantasizing. Given that anal sex is more erotic than vaginal sex and more taboo, our minds shift to a  heightened state of arousal, our pleasures receptors become erratic from excitement. 

A study conducted in 2010  “Journal of Sexual Medicine” highlighted that over 30% of women admitted to having anal sex and 94% said they orgasmed from the experience – a much higher percentage than our research has shown for all other orgasm findings. This is because the anus is full of nerve endings, one of the primary nerves being the pudendal nerve. The pudendal nerve runs down the spine then directly past the anus and ends in the genitals.

When you feel that pleasurable sensation from the G-spot or A-spot that is actually stimulation of the pudendal nerve. The nervous system responds to stimuli by sending messages to the brain, the brain, in turn, releases all those feel-good hormones. 

The highly erogenous zones that we have mentioned before are the G-spot, A-spot and U-spot which are all talked about in our previous blog “The Clitoris“,  what we have not told you about is the P-spot

   The P-spot is located in the prostate (Male), it is a small muscular gland that produces seminal fluid in the ejaculate and also helps propel semen when you climax. It’s a walnut-shaped muscle located just below the bladder and about 6-8 cm inside your rectum. It’s present in males and is surrounded by nerve endings. It is reasonably easy to find the P-spot (only found in males), the anal cavity directs you towards it.

 The A-spot is a big part for females during anal sex. Finding these pleasure points are very simple, the anus guides you directly towards them. The orgasms felt during anal sex are described as full-bodied. For women, the orgasm comes in waves and is felt through the body.

Diagram of pleasure points

A First Time

By - Max Bonny

We suggest you start your anal journey by yourself and with sex toys. We would always suggest experimenting by yourself as doing this allows you to experience everything in a controlled environment. 

Here are a few toys we would suggest you try:

How to stay safe during anal sex?

Any exchange/contact of bodily fluids has a risk factor, that is why it is essential to practice safe anal sex. Some of the risks factors are, UTIs which are caused by flushed up bacteria (e.coli) in the rectum that enters the vagina. This makes urinating painful and you may also suffer from fever and stomach aches. Other transmissible diseases you should be aware of is HIV, The anus’s risk of getting HIV is very high because the lining of the rectum is thin and can tear during anal sex.

The most important thing is to be prepared, have your protection ready, your lube and have all the toys you will be using laid out. 

Anal sex / Anal Penetration is incredibly intimate and for the most part, feels very taboo. It’s an experience that will change how you experience pleasure altogether. If you have not yet we strongly advocate it! We would be happy to accompany you on that journey. 

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6 thoughts on “ANAL: Down the rabbit hole”

  1. You cannot catch HIV from douching – for you to catch HIV from yourself, you’d already need to be infected. Heck, you don’t even need to douche since the poop is stored much higher up the tract (behind another sphincter).
    The comment about 94% of women orgasming from anal sex is incorrect; 94% of women achieved orgasm during the session where they had anal sex, but it was generally prior to the anal intercourse, not because of it.
    At the beginning you say a tear is not easy to do, then at the end you suggest it is – please make up your mind.
    The glass dildo you promote is completely unsuitable for anal as it does not have a flared base. Try gripping that when it’s coated with lube.

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