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LGBT Month

There have been many torchbearers that guided millions through the dimly lit corridors of injustice, to a brighter passage of equality. We will be recognising those torchbearers in the following article and their triumphs against a ‘conservative’ society.

Austin power Libido

Libido is best described as an energy that exists outside of but is still affected by social, psychological and biological constraints. It is pure to your desires whether they are deemed acceptable to you or society or not.

Down the rabbit hole – Anal. How does it feel? Is it clean? What pleasure point does it trigger? Can me and my partner both climax?

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Given the myths and misinformation thrown around over the ages by the patriarchy, religions and misinformed experts the Clitoris needs to enter mainstream conversation. Sex with a partner is a two way act and women’s needs and orgasm’s have been overshadowed by male satisfaction. Even the sex toy industry has traditionally been focused on penile type models until the famous rabbit came along and now we have a large range of clitoris focused toys. The information I have pulled together is to educate both male and females about sexual pleasure, I hope you find it useful and can practice it in your sex life.

What is lube?
Why do “I” need lube?
What is natural lubrication?
Should I be worried if my vagina is not wet enough?
What is the best lube for you?

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The sensation can come and go, but each time growing more and more pleasurable, the breathe can quicken, the heart may start beating faster, the vagina gets wetter, blood rushes to the genitals, and the clitoris becomes erect then the vagina explodes in a dizzying series of involuntary muscle contractions.

As society continued to challenge puritanical attitudes towards sex we saw an increasing demand for information and knowledge about sex.
Is sex supposed to be sacred or should it be casual and liberating?

Always pee right after sex. Any sort of vigorous sexual contact can push bacteria up into your urethra.

“…majority of men and women between the ages of 50 and 90 are still enthusiastic about sex and intimacy.”

“Being erect really is the true measure of a man’s penis size.” Mysterious Witt a sex worker and writer.