Anal Beads

Black, high-quality silicone means our product is easy to clean and stays looking clean.  The body of the product is very flexible and makes it easy to reach those tight places. Maximum pleasure comes from inserting beads into the anal cavity and slowing pulling them out.  The beads increase in size by 1” so this is best for people new to anal play and those who love it already. The ring pull allows you to easily pull the beads to increase pleasure.


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Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock


Anal Beads are meant for deeper anal stimulation, insert them, and slowly pull them out, this will stimulate the anal cavity. These beads are very commonly used on both males and females, predominantly during sex. Due to the narrow shape of the beads, they are perfect for beginners or people that are relatively new to anal toys. Anal pleasure is like “discovering pleasure all over again”. This product can be heated up in warm water or placed in the freezer, changing the temperature of these products adds to the pleasure produced. The high-quality silicone makes for a longer-lasting and more durable product. 

Anal beads are a great way to experience anal stimulation slowly and gently. With their graduated shape, smooth silicone spheres, and finger loops for easy and safe retrieval, whether you’re an old pro at butt insertables or new to the pleasure of anal play, these beads are ideal.


  • 13″
  • 10 beads that gradually increase in size.
  • Easy to clean – Run under warm water

We suggest you use this product with our water-based Strawberry Lube.

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 335 × 23 mm

1 review for Anal Beads

  1. James

    May 2020, Male Single

    We have plugs, glass & metal. but we didn’t own anal beads. I thought it would be a real hassle to insert them, but when we were playing with them it was the exact opposite. I really like them, its made of a really nice material.

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