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Butt Plugs


Black, high-quality silicone means our product is easy to clean and stays looking clean. The variety of sizes allows for the user to start at a level comfortable for them and work their way up to larger products. The bottom of the product has suction cups built in so that the butt plug can be held in place while achieving climax.  Price includes all 4 pieces. 



This anal butt plug selection is varied for customer comfort, each one reaches and stimulates different nerve endings within the anal canal. The Anal cavity gives in some cases gives more or equivalent pleasure to vaginal penetration and phallus stimulation. For those who have not experimented with anal stimulation, this is the perfect butt plug for you. Anal pleasure is like “discovering pleasure all over again” as some would say. These Butt plugs can be heated up in warm water or placed in the freezer, changing the temperature of these products adds to the pleasure produced. The high-quality silicone means for longer lasting and more durable products. 


Price includes all 4 pieces.

XL 152 mm x 38mm 105g

L 152mm x 32mm 63g

M 115mm x 30mm 43g

S 105mm x 27mm 33g


We suggest you use our Water-based Peach Lube.

Weight 244 kg

2 reviews for Butt Plugs

  1. G

    The shape of these uniquely shaped plugs really appealed to me.  As I progressed up from the smallest, each was very comfortable and a pleasure to insert and remove and insert and…..

    A great progression for those new to anal and a much more gentle way to open yourself up than a typical plug.

    The largest plug was a pleasure as with others,  the longer nature of it meant it went deeper than any other plug I own and I felt it!   In fact I’ve only had that feeling when I’ve been with BIG guys.  Whether it’s comfortable for you is a personal decision, but I for one will be using it often!

  2. Andy

    A good quality product. Good value for money. Great for training the novice or seasoned anal enthusiast. Highly recommend.

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Butt Plugs

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