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Sexual Hygiene tips you need to know

We have brought together some very useful tips you need to know to stay clean and safe before, during and after sex. 

Pee after having sex!

Urinating after sex flushes out bacteria which helps prevent infections. 

“Always pee right after sex. Any sort of vigorous sexual contact can push bacteria up into your urethra. If you pee right afterward, you’ll flush everything out and prevent yourself from getting an infection,” says sex therapist Vanessa Marin.

On the contrary, if you wee before sex you may be more likely to get germs in your vagina. The entrance of the urethra is very close to the vagina, it sits right above the vagina making it easy for bacteria from the vagina or rectum to get into it, this is a common cause for UTI’s.

What is a UTI?

A UTI can be detected when you have the urge to pee but can’t pee, which makes it painful and can cause stomach pain. In certain instances forcing yourself to pee can bring tears to your eyes from the discomfort. Other symptoms are tummy pain, nausea, feeling weak and tearful, strong-smelling or cloudy urine, or even blood in the urine. Up to 40% will clear on their own, the other 60% will require you to go to the doctor. If the bacteria is from the rectum you can get very sick (E.coli).

A UTI left untreated can lead to serious infection, the infection can travel up to the kidneys. So if flushing with gallons of water does not help you must go to the doctor.


Make sure you and your partner wash your hands before touching your vagina or vulva. We typically have many germs on our hands it just makes sense to give them a wash before touching your more sensitive areas. Also make sure your partner trims their nails right back to avoid scratching the delicate skin in the vagina.

Bacteria cross contamination

The urethra, the vulva, vagina, and the rectum are all very close together. It could be the excitement, the lube, or the alcohol regardless it is best to avoid putting things in your anus and then in your vagina. Honestly, most people don’t know what they are doing or even if they do they may not know the risks. If you are going to get freaky in both holes, use a douche as a preventative measure against bacteria transfer. 

We don’t believe the rectum is a dirty place or should be avoided but rather it’s important to focus on staying safe (Hygenic). We suggest you, use a douche, wash extensively, and for non-vibrating sex toys (non-electrical) you can boil up to 3 minutes to reassuringly get rid of any residue.

Clean your Vagina after sex.

The vagina cleans itself but the best practice is to clean it after sex, an intimate wash is recommended with soap and water. Certain sex lubes or bacteria from sexual contact can cause infection – if you have ever had one you will most certainly be on the offensive when it comes to hygiene and your vagina.  

Another tip is carrying hygienic feminine wipes at all times, they are great to keep handy for long trips, and they are indistinguishable from regular wipes in your handbag. A must-have is condoms because the amount of times men will “Forget” to bring them or at times they completely forget of their existence. Always come prepared so that when you are swept off your feet by that stunning rugged man across the bar you will already be sliding your panties off. Always clean front to back to avoid bringing harmful bacteria from the rectum to the vagina, this applies for cleaning after sex as well as after going to the toilet.

Storing sex toys

One of the best ways to spice things up in the bedroom is to get a selection of sex toys. Start by discussing it with your partner, if they are not the persuasive type then we suggest you implement the mentality “It’s always best to ask for forgiveness than permission”, chose a sex toy you like and introduce it into the bedroom. If you are not sure how to introduce your new toy to the bedroom, keep in mind that people are more open to new things when they are “enjoying” themselves. 

Be mindful of toys that are not properly cleaned and stored, these can retain and spread infection/bacteria. Remember to not share your toys, keep them clean, and store them in a clean bag/box.

Use a condom

The Condom – They prevent not only pregnancy but also the most common STD’s or STI’s. If you are going to have a one night stand or a fling, keep some condoms on you – ladies there are pretty packaging these days that we ourselves at Pleasurejardin stock. Make sure you keep them in your handbag so that you are always ready for fun. 

Get tested

I have always said we are not just having sex with one man or woman. We are having sex with every single person they have had sex with in terms of potential germs and bacteria.  If that hasn’t put you off sex for life then get yourself tested and ask your partner to do the same. You assume you or he will know if you have an infection – truth is many infections are not felt by the male and often female too but they are still active.

What should you take away?

You should be aware of the risks surrounding sex and know that if you stay safe and follow our tips the chances of you contracting something greatly decreases. With everything said and done one might ask the question; “Why do we have sex when it is so risky?”. To answer that briefly,  Sex and pleasure is incredibly human, the hormonal and physical stimulation we receive, the human connection greatly outweighs the risks involved. Sex is sacred and liberal all at the same time. If you think you have something, go to the doctor. They have seen it all before and that is what they are there for. 



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