Big? Small? Does it matter?

“A man’s perception of his penile length can greatly affect his self-esteem,” – Vivek Wadhwa, consultant urological surgeon, at Solihull’s Spire Parkway Hospital. “Most men presenting to their doctors concerned about inadequate penile size are within the normal range functionally adequate for sexual activity and require reassurance.”

I believe that porn is what has led men who are average in size to believe they are actually smaller than they are. There’s even a fetish called “small penis humiliation,” wherein a man gets off on being ridiculed for having a small dick.  Mysterious Mix – sex worker

The “Hard” facts are your penis is not going to miraculously grow 3 inches. So what you can do is be comfortable with who you are and find someone that appreciates every inch of you. As you read on penis length does not play a huge role in sexually stimulating your partner.   

What is Average?

“The average penis size without an erection measures between three and four inches, and the average penis size with an erection is between five and six inches. In terms of girth, you’re looking at an average circumference of around three to four inches when flaccid, and between four and five inches when erect.” –  (Men’sHealth Annie Hayes) However, both length and girth size can fluctuate wildly, depending on your surroundings, and how stimulated you may be. At times men can experience larger than normal erections due to increased sexual stimulation.  

“Being erect really is the true measure of a man’s penis size.”

Mysterious Witt a sex worker and writer.

Size varies by country, by excitement, by temperature. So as to the smaller sizes – micropenis affects less than 2% of the population and only 20% of men have one larger than 6” and at the 7” mark, it is less than 3% of men.  The larger sizes come with as many challenges as the micropenis – so no big is not always preferred.

Dose Size Matter?

The cliche persists for a reason: it’s not how big it is, but what you do with it that counts, something any sexual partner will attest to. You don’t need a degree in female anatomy to locate her most sensitive areas: namely the clitoris and the G-spot. Take it from porn star and sex columnist Kayden Kross, who insists women don’t judge men by the size of their penis, but by their sexual performance. “A notable number of women tend to say that those men who believe they have large dicks tend to also believe that all they need to do is show up,” she wrote for Nylon, “while men who don’t believe they have large dicks tend to make up for it by actually trying to learn about what pleases a woman in bed.”– (Kayden Kross, Porn star)

“…Then I became a sex worker, and I discovered it was actually true. The variation in penis size is more like the variation in breast size. Some men have very big penises and others have incredibly small ones. For as many men as I’ve met who want to be humiliated because of their small penises, there are plenty of men with medium-size dicks who want to be told their penises are bigger than they are.” – (Kayden Kross, Porn star)

Men have probably been too preoccupied with the measurements of your member to even consider the depth of the average vagina, it’s between three and four inches long, with the potential to expand when aroused. So for that small percent who have whoppers firstly they may not fit and secondly, a gal most likely won’t prefer it. The emotional foundations of your relationship have a greater influence on your sex life.

Make the most of what you’ve got today by swotting up on the best sex positions for your penis size

How to Measure Your Penis

  1. Get a soft measuring tape
  2. Place the end of the tape at the bottom of the shaft 
  3. Compress any fat or tissue
  4. This is your full penile length

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