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The clitoris is a wonderful and mysterious organ. It’s relevance has been debated and dictated by male doctors over time. Below is a brief history of the Clitoris. 

1559 -

                              The Italian anatomist Realdo Colombo claims to have discovered the Clitoris, however his male claims have to be taken with a pinch of salt as Greek, Persian and Arabic medical research mention the clitoris before Colombo but their ideas about the function of it were heavily misguided. Colombo is a notable and prominent pioneer in the discovery of the human anatomy, he worked with Michael Angelo and made great strides in the understanding of pulmonary circulation. 

1564 -

                            Andreas Vesalius ridiculed Colombo and said the clitoris did not exist in healthy women because that was the churches view and no one would dare disagree with the church. Vesalius is consider the “father of the human anatomy”, his published work “fabric of the human body” is a detailed account of the intricacies of the body. It is not the first, nor would it be the last time that a person of intellectual achievement had their vision clouded by religion. 

1600 -1900

                          This period of anatomical discovery took on a series of stances;

“Did the clitoris exist ?”,

“Was it relevant in the discussion of the human anatomy ?”,

“Did it play a role in sexual reproduction ?”.

Ultimately male scientist threw the clitoris out of the equation completely, most diagrams of the Clitoris and the female genitals were omitted from published reports. Wether it because of male self importance or the lack of understanding, we will never know why they disregarded the Clitoris.

1966 -

                           It was not until 1966 that the Clitoris was referenced as a reproductive and pleasure organ. Masters & Johnsons notable work provided a better understanding of sexual relationships. Their work covered, sex in ageing people, sexual dysfunction, same sex relationships.

Their work on the Clitoris was a complete butchering . They claimed that to achieve orgasm through sexual intercourse the male counterpart should only need to  thrust in-and-out to stimulate the clitoris… they then had the audacity to add, a failure for the female to orgasm was due to female sexual dysfunction. 

Masters & Johnson received heavy criticism from Shere Hite & Elisabeth Lloyd both prominent figures in the Sexual Revolution

1967 - 2020

                             The relevance of the Clitoris grew with the sexual revolution and then followed by the feminist movement. Shere Hite & Elisabeth Lloyd contributed to the importance of the organ,

Hite’s focus was on the individuals sexual experience and what it means to them. Her findings were based on 1,000’s of anonymous responses from questionnaires, it found that 70% did not orgasm from vaginal thrusting penetration but were able to orgasm through fingering and clitoral stimulation.  This data is revered because it directly contradicted the male opinion that “the clitoris was unimportant”. 

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What is the clitoris?

The clitoris may look similar to a penis and it may begin developing in the same way during pregnancy, they are however both completely different and I would argue that the clitoris and vagina is far superior to the penis. The clitoris has 8,000 – 12,000 nerve endings and the Penis has 4,000. Female genitals can orgasm/climax continuously for an extended period without tiring. The complexity of the female orgasm is also notable as it can be achieved through; clitoral stimulation, A-spot, G-spot, U-spot and other erogenous spots. The clitoris is a marvellous wonder and should be celebrated.  


We have partnered with Clitorarte who make the anatomically accurate clitoris replicas. The replica promotes sexual education and the shop we are selling on behalf of are pushing their green agenda with recyclable packaging and biodegradable plastic materials. This model is a life-size replica of the clitoris. It is a conversation starter and a reminder of the wonders of the sexual organs.

The G-Spot

The G spot is a 3-5cm rough (compared to the rest of the vaginal wall) spongy mass on the front top wall inside the vagina. The g-spot will become engorged when aroused, with slow & gentle continuous stroking you’ll find how easy it is to orgasm and eventually squirt.

Not everyone has experienced a G-spot orgasm. I suggest a Wand or Dildo to experiment and experience a g-spot orgasm, personally, it is completely possible to achieve a G-Spot orgasm from fingering technique. I would suggest for both solo & mutual masturbation you lie on your back and you insert your fingers into the vagina, keeping to the top wall until you reach an area that feels slightly rougher and begin stroking. 

The A-Spot

The A-Spot is deeper inside the vagina also on the anterior top wall and further back from the g-spot. Given that the clitoris is a much larger structure than many think it to be, understanding how the A-spot orgasm is possible is not a stretch. The nerves of the clitoris extend deep into the vagina and meet many points of the vaginal cavity and parts of the anal cavity this is why the vagina has so many pleasure spots. 

To achieve a A-spot orgasm your fingers will need to move into the vagina against the top wall past the G-spot and before the Cervix, you should rub the upper wall of the vagina and pleasure will follow.

The U-Spot

The U spot is positioned at the opening of the vagina, directly above and to either side, of the urethral opening (where we urinate from) under the clitoris and above the vagina opening. Often referred to as the female prostate, the Uspot can produce very pleasurable and powerful erotic sensations when stroked lightly it is also said to expel fluid. Fingers or the penis can tease this area when rubbed gently.

U-Spot Diagram

Given the myths and misinformation thrown around over the ages by the patriarchy, religions and misinformed experts the Clitoris needs to enter mainstream conversation. Sex with a partner is a two way act and women’s needs and orgasm’s have been overshadowed by male satisfaction. Even the sex toy industry has traditionally been focused on penile type models until the famous rabbit came along and now we have a large range of clitoris focused toys. The information I have pulled together is to educate both male and females about sexual pleasure, I hope you find it useful and can practice it in your sex life.